DJ Photo & Video, Inc. / Commercial Photography & Video / Chicago, Illinois


Dennis Jourdan Photo & Video, Inc. specializes in creating photography and videos needed for effective corporate advertising. Our work includes Product shots, Executive Portraits, Architecture, Industrial equipment, Healthcare, People in the Work Place, even Aerial Drone photos and video. In fact, our work appears in everything from brochures, websites and annual reports to video intros, product overviews and training visuals – just about anywhere a company wants to get noticed. DJ Photo & Video, Inc. can create the look you want, whether it be moody, dramatic lighting or soft, refined and subtle. If it is Video with crystal clear sound or photos that draw your audience in, either way we can produce exactly what you want for the impression you want to make!

Our Event Photography is great for all corporate gatherings including award presentations, employee/customer golf events and keynote speakers. We also offer On-Site Printing, which is always very popular among guests. Your guests’ expressions tell the story when you see them proudly having a print in hand of them posing with a celebrity, shaking the CEO’s hand or receiving an award.   

Take a look at our portfolio and then send an email or give us a call. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!